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Get a hands-on learning experience with actionable project feedback from project reviewers to make sure you learn relevant new skills.

Dive into the projects you'll complete by reviewing the detailed syllabus for Intro to Machine Learning or Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree programs.

You'll work on projects such as:

Create an Image Classifier

Implement an image classification application using a deep neural network. This application will train a deep learning model on a dataset of images. It will then use the trained model to classify new images. You will develop your code in a Jupyter notebook to ensure your implementation works well.


Plagiarism Detector

Use your machine learning skills to compare two text sources and identify cases of plagiarism. In this project, you'll extract relevant text features and train a model of your own design to detect plagiarism. Then, you'll deploy your trained model using Amazon SageMaker.


Deploy a Sentiment Analysis Model

Use a recurrent neural network for the purpose of determining the sentiment of a movie review using a dataset. You will create and deploy this model using Amazon SageMaker. After deploying your model, you will construct a simple web app which will interact with the deployed model and categorize any new input review.


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